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Waves survey for cryptocurrency investors

There’s no question that 2017 has been a huge year for Waves and for crypto in general. We want to ask our community what they think 2018 will bring…

The last year has been a game-changer for crypto. Sentiment around bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has been incredibly positive, not only in the crypto community but filtering through into the mainstream, where we have seen significant interest. Cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin have been hitting the headlines, and the emerging phenomenon of ICOs — known to the crypto world since 2013 — has also become a feature of the mainstream media.

We wanted to ask the cryptocurrency community what their best investments of 2017 have been, why they are interested in crypto, and what they think the biggest stories of 2018 will be. You can find our survey at

It’s only 11 questions and will take less than two minutes to fill out. Please do head over and complete the survey. The poll will be live until Monday, when we’ll total at and publish the results.

Thanks in advance for your participation!

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