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Waves survey: 77% of global crypto investors will increase their exposure to digital assets in 2018

77% of crypto investors are planning to increase their investment in cryptocurrencies next year. These findings come from a new global survey conducted by the Waves Platform. According to respondents’ opinions, Japan will become the global leader for cryptocurrency adoption.

In November 2017, blockchain platform Waves carried out a survey of around 700 cryptocurrency investors from the EU, the US, Turkey, Brazil, Russia and other countries. The research was conducted with the purpose of analysing the preferences of those who invest in blockchain technologies and currencies.

According to the results, investment in Bitcoin brought the largest returns in 2017. This was reported by 42% of respondents. In second place among investors came Ethereum, with 28% making money on the virtual currency, and in third place Litecoin (14%). Almost all of the respondents interviewed (90%) believe in the future of сryptocurrency and have therefore made their investment with a long-term perspective. Cryptocurrencies have also provided an instrument for short-term speculation for 29% of investors. 22% of respondents invested in cryptocurrencies in order to diversify their assets, and 18% out of curiosity.

Most crypto investors in the survey have never invested in other forms of assets. Only 32% of them have invested in shares or bonds, and 14% in real estate. Another 17% of investors have sought returns from bank deposits.

“Despite the fears of many experts about the formation of a bubble in the cryptocurrency market, investors do not intend to reduce their investments in these types of assets. 77% of respondents maintained that in the coming year they would increase their exposure to cryptocurrencies. At the same time, crypto investors are aware about potential risks. 51% of them consider the risks of losing funds moderate, and one in five recognise a high risk,” comments Alexander Ivanov, CEO and founder of the Waves Platform.

According to 27% of investors, Japan will become the global leader in the development of the cryptocurrency industry next year. It is followed by Russia (15%) and South Korea (15%), with the US in fourth place (14%).

In addition, 65% of crypto investors believe digital coins will be integrated into the real economy over the next five years. A further 25% consider this a possibility and only 10% think it unrealistic.

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