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Waves successfully launches in Korea

On Monday and Tuesday Waves was present at three separate events in Korea, celebrating the launch of the new client and platform’s move into the Korean community and market.

Early this week saw three major Waves events in Korea, starting with a private gathering hosted by exchange CoinoneBlocks. The event celebrated the launch of Waves-NG, the platform’s network upgrade that will see enormously increased blockchain capacity. Around 50 investors and traders were present to listen to Waves founder and CEO Alexander Ivanov talk about Waves and take part in a panel discussion.

This was followed on Tuesday by a press event, which was attended by 40 journalists from 35 different media outlets. The event, held at The Plaza hotel, announced the official launch of the Waves Client 1.0 to the Korean market — with a specially-localised client made available. A brief video introduced the Waves Platform, before Alexander Ivanov gave a presentation to introduce the client’s features and updates. The journalists present have so far shown a keen interest in Waves, writing a number of articles for local media in both the general press and specialist financial and IT media.

“Next year will be the year of open blockchain platforms,” he was quoted by one well-known publication. “Waves Platform is a decentralised blockchain platform aimed at making blockchain use easier for everyone. I expect mass adoption of the blockchain technology next year.”

In all, this was a successful opportunity to access the Korean media and build relationships with journalists, as Waves creates a strong foundation in the Korean cryptocurrency community.

This was further cemented in the evening, with a community event that saw over 100 people attend. Once again Alexander Ivanov presented the latest client updates to the Korean cryptocurrency community, with an active Q&A session afterwards. The presentation was followed by a networking event and party for attendants.

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