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Waves powers RewardMob’s Mobile eSports platform

Game developers will be able to integrate the RMOB token to reward their players, with RewardMob targeting growth of 15x over the next six months.

eSports is a popular and rapidly-growing phenomenon, with the mobile market experiencing incredible expansion in the course of 2017. Mobile gaming is now a $100+ billion sector with over 2 billion active players. However, various problems associated with integrating rewards with the traditional financial world have prevented eSports from reaching its full potential — something that RewardMob aims to fix with a blockchain token hosted on the Waves platform.

RewardMob offers both a Free-to-Play and soon a Pay-to-Play version of their tournaments. The company offers an SDK that allows any developer to integrate their model — allowing them to roll out the scheme much further and vaster than if they alone were driving the effort.

Waves-powered transactions

The company has already trialled the token, creating over 7,500 new wallets for gamers and giving out 1.5 million RMOB loyalty tokens in the first week since integrating with Waves. RewardMob was attracted to Waves due to the speed, security and scalability of the platform, with the NG protocol playing an important role in facilitating their approach.

Sasha Ivanov, CEO and founder of Waves, comments: “I am enthused by the team at RewardMob who have been quick to maximize the benefits of the platform, putting the fast transaction speeds of the Waves NG protocol to the test. With our transaction speeds of around 6,000 transactions per minute, we can scale with large projects like that of RewardMob. We’ve always said that Waves represents the “blockchain for the people” and the new gamers are from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe.”

Moreover, the user-friendliness of the Waves platform has removed the headaches that would otherwise be associated with blockchain integration.

“We experimented with several other platforms before deciding on Waves,” says Colin Bracey, co-founder and CTO of RewardMob. “Gamers want to earn their tokens instantly and Waves was the only base that would keep up with our tough performance needs. Coding is a dream with no requirement to learn crypto-specific niche languages, making integration fast, efficient, reliable and secure.”

A final reason for the choice was the broad range of functions that Waves allows.

“Crucially, the Waves Platform also securely administers, manages and delivers all of our RMOB loyalty tokens to players,” explains co-founder and CEO Todd Koch. “We want to grow our business from $1 million to $15 million in the next six months and with the Waves Platform’s endorsement and support, it is making this happen at a rapid-fire pace. Thanks to Sasha Ivanov and his growing team of blockchain professionals, he has created a new business model for us that is making the best in game technology available to both players and developers.’’

RewardMob will be hosting their first Pay-to-Play tournament ticket sale starting on Tuesday 27 February 2018, with a limited number of players able to pre-purchase entry. The RewardMob app can be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play, and further details about the upcoming tournament ticket sale can be found at

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