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Waves-NG stress test: results in!

NG will go live on mainnet in mid-December, with an expected throughput of 6,000 transactions per minute.

The results of the Waves-NG stress test are in. The test ran from 8–10 November, with 30 nodes participating on testnet. A total of 3,000 people submitted transactions to these over the course of the 48-hour test, and the outcome was pretty impressive.

The nodes processed a total of 4.6 million transactions, giving an average throughput of 2,000 txs/minute. Peak bandwidth was 17,000 txs/minute. When it comes to running the software on mainnet, we expect nodes to be able to process up to 6,000 txs/minute, or 100 per second.

We’ll be releasing Waves-NG on mainnet in two weeks, with activation occurring mid-December. Stay tuned, and thanks for supporting this historic blockchain venture!

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