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Waves-NG stress test is under way!

The Waves-NG stress test is successfully under way on the Waves testnet! You can view the progress of the test and see how many transactions our new network protocol is capable of processing by visiting

Waves-NG is a ground-breaking new blockchain consensus protocol based on the Bitcoin-NG proposal. This next-generation algorithm offers an innovative new approach to processing transactions. Instead of miners being selected periodically and then adding pending transactions to the blockchain, as in bitcoin, the next miner is chosen in advance and fills a newly-created block with transactions as they are submitted — almost in realtime. This dramatically increases network throughput, and will enable Waves to process hundreds of transactions per second.

The test is going very well so far, with the network regularly processing more than 5,000 txs per minute, and we hope to be able to deploy Waves-NG on mainnet later this month. It will be a huge step forwards for Waves, making it the fastest blockchain platform in the world. Thank you for your help!

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