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Waves hosts launch event for major platform update

The release of this flagship upgrade to the client and network will be hosted in Amsterdam on 13 December.

Waves is counting down the days to a huge moment in its history: the launch of its key Blockchain Update, also known as the Waves Client 1.0. This is a pivotal moment in the development of the company and platform and represents many months of hard work. We want as many of the community to be present for the big event, as well as journalists and members of the wider crypto and fintech world.

What’s new?

The update represents a complete overhaul of the user interface, as well as significant tech upgrades. The client has been comprehensively redesigned for a clean, intuitive user experience, just like a traditional online banking application. Similarly, the DEX interface has been totally reworked. The UI now includes many of the tools and indicators used by professional traders and would not look out of place on a top-tier crypto exchange, whilst remaining straightforward enough for newcomers to access easily.

The Waves team will demonstrate the main features of the release personally to each participant at the event. We believe this launch marks the point at which cutting-edge new blockchain technology truly comes to the mainstream, combining a familiar user-friendly interface with powerful peer-to-peer functionality.

What to look out for

The event will feature a number of speakers and presentations by the Waves team and members of the community:

  • CEO and founder of the Waves Platform, Alexander Ivanov, will talk about the journey so far, and where we’re going next: what we have achieved in 2017, and what’s coming up for us in 2018. This will include a Product Roadmap, upcoming partnerships and new infrastructure projects worldwide.
  • Our key legal partner, Deloitte, represented by Artem Tolkachev, will offer a profound insight into how crypto and the blockchain sector will be regulated in the coming months and years, and our role in this process.
  • Our dedicated partner and node holder in Amsterdam, Wavesnode, will be introduced as our official representative in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.
  • Waves project OceanLab will also give insights into their work, and how the Waves infrastructure is being used by real-life business applications.

After the official presentations, there will be two Demos. We’ll be taking guests through a full, hands-on experience of the new Waves Platform updates, including the wallet and the DEX, with our tech guys answering questions. Then there will be the chance to find out more about the crowdsale projects that will come to Waves in 2018, including TMT Crypto Fund, RAWG, Simdaq and many more. Of course, we’ll be making plenty of time for the party, too.

The event will take place at 18:00–23:30 on 13 December at Van Diemenstraat 20–200 1013 NH Amsterdam.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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