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Waves code given clean bill of health by Kudelski Security

The security team conducted a thorough audit, concluding that there were no major security issues.

Earlier in the summer, the code for the Waves node application was submitted to Kudelski Security for auditing. Based in Switzerland and the US, Kudelski Group have a solid track record that started back in 1951. Their Security operation is a natural progression of the expertise they had built up with digital assets in these early years, and the company now has over 300 employees.

The audit, which took around 50 hours of work, was led by Dr. Jean-Philippe Aumasson, Principal Research Engineer at Kudelski Security. The purpose of the audit was to uncover any security shortcomings in the Waves platform and help implement relevant mitigations. Whilst no piece of software is immune to malicious attack, we are pleased to be able to report that the Kudelski study concluded that no critical security issues were located in the audit, and that the auditors concluded that the Waves platform “shows good security engineering, good choice of cryptographic components with reliable implementations thereof, and has a clear design and code that facilitate auditing.”

“We’re very pleased with the outcome of this professional and thorough audit,” comments Waves CEO Alexander Ivanov. “The fact that no critical vulnerabilities were found, as well as the fact that the study drew attention to the clarity and quality of our code, is a testament to the developers who have been working so hard for many months now, to launch this platform and introduce ground-breaking new functionality to the cryptocurrency landscape. Several elements of what we are doing have never been attempted before, so we are particularly encouraged to receive a clean bill of health from Kudelski.”

As further functionality is added to the platform, additional security audits will periodically be carried out.

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