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More about the Waves rebrand

Waves was launched over 18 months now, and in that time it has come a long way. We have built a platform from scratch, researched and implemented new technologies, accessed new markets and business partners and begun to push out into the mainstream userbase that, as “blockchain for the people”, was always our target audience. As a part of that, we decided to rebrand, updating the look and feel of everything we do and across all the ways in which we engage with our users.

Visualising the virtual

Visualising the blockchain isn’t easy. As something that exists solely in cyberspace, it doesn’t have any physical form and representing it in imagery poses a unique challenge. Additionally, Waves is a cutting-edge platform with many features and innovations. How do you encapsulate all of this to a new or prospective user, capturing the essence of what the software offers in a memorable logo and visual language?

Existing blockchain logos cater primarily to the crypto crowd and tend to emphasise the techie, utilitarian, “cypherpunk” roots of the technology. We felt this was not wholly appropriate for a product that was expanding into the mainstream and seeking to attract ordinary consumers. At the same time, we didn’t want to leave these users behind, and so the finished result had to resonate with a number of different audiences. Our solution combines the key elements of the brand: innovation and cutting-edge tech, with a hint of those geek roots. The two building blocks of the brand are the ones we have already established from day one, and which are instantly recognisable: the square and the wave.

Square and wave

The square was chosen as the token currency symbol, as the antithesis of the round coin that has signified money for centuries. The wave, meanwhile, is an expressive image that combines both the name of the product and the dynamics of the entire industry, evoking constant movement; the undulating cube design readily communicates this value in the context of the blockchain.

“Our new branding communicates the heritage of our platform in its use of these two key symbols, but updates them for the next phase in our history: the steps we will take in 2018 into mass-market adoption and global recognition. We think that this approach will not only appeal to our existing community, but will make our platform more accessible to new users.” — Alexander Ivanov, Waves CEO and founder.

In all of the visuals we’ve employed, we’re looking to present a clean, light impression that is unthreatening to users. This is also true of the background imagery for our captions, which makes use of clear lines in a three-dimensional space.

In everything, from the logo and background images to typography and guidelines for infographics, we have strived for authenticity, simplicity and elegance in the visual language we will be using to communicate our brand and values to a new wave of crypto adopters.

We also want to ask the community about our new branding. Please follow the link and complete our poll.

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