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Kuna to issue coin for ICO-as-a-Service on Waves

The Ukrainian crypto exchange is building powerful crowdsale functionality as an additional service within their core business.

Crypto exchange will make it easy for anyone to launch a blockchain crowdsale on Waves.

Whilst ICOs have proven extremely popular, with hundreds of millions of dollars pouring into the blockchain space as a result, there are still technical overheads involved in collecting funding in multiple currencies from investors smoothly and securely. Kuna will address this problem by incorporating new functionality within their existing exchange.

In partnership with Waves, Kuna will offer ICO-as-a-Service — a term coined by the team to describe their new initiative — as well as ICO-as-a-Platform. This will allow clients to launch ICOs on Waves, using the Kuna exchange platform.

ICO issuers will need to create their token on the Waves platform, and then deposit these to Kuna. They will then set the terms of the crowdsale on Kuna, including the minimum and maximum funding they wish to collect. Investors can then buy tokens under the given terms.

This allows a low-cost and off-the-peg approach to ICOs, further reducing the barrier to blockchain-based fundraising. Kuna will not charge for this service, instead benefiting from trading volumes on the tokens’ secondary markets. Trading after ICO and distribution are complete will initially occur on separate orderbooks, with promising tokens becoming eligible for addition to the main orderbooks after due diligence has been carried out.

Kuna conducted their ICO back in 2015 and are now holding a Secondary Coin Offering (SCO) on Waves to fund this development. To find out more visit

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