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ICOhub winner Oceanlab launches ICO

One of the three winners of our ICOhub competition is beginning its crowdsale today!

Back in June we ran our ICOhub competition. 135 different blockchain initiatives competed in a community vote to win cash prizes and — as importantly — gain help to run their ICOs and launch their platforms successfully.

Oceanlab was one of the three winners, picking up 36 votes out of the total of 220 cast. OceanLab is an exciting and far-reaching project that will apply blockchain technology across a wide range of applications.

The project’s creator, Sphearis (Fabrice Distefano) has been involved in Waves since the very beginning and had already created a number of tools for the community, including the faucet engine WavesDrop. A series of these tools were combined and evolved into the Oceanlab project — at the core of which is the Gravit engine. This engine conducts in-depth and real-time analysis of blockchain and DEX transactions, enabling the creation of advanced statistics and additional research. The Gravit Bot can also automate transactions based on specified conditions.

The whole engine is now being extended to link assets and transactions with external sites like news organisations and social media applications. Oceanlab will enable anyone to extract and interpret blockchain data to learn what is going on in the Waves markets and platform.

A final facility will be anonymous chat facilities that the community will be able to access via their Waves address or by linking an alias to an address. This system will generate unique chatrooms for any token based on assetID, meaning that sub-communities have secure places to discuss a project.

The Oceanlab ICO will run from the 8am GMT on 7 August to 8am GMT on 31 August. For the first time, investors will be able to deposit using any verified Waves token that has market value (Ripto Bux, Euro, Ethereum, WCT, and so on). There will be a Day #1 bonus of 15%, a Day #2 bonus of 10% and a Day #3 bonus of 5% for all deposit currencies. From Day #4, a permanent 5% bonus will be applied for WAVES deposits. The crowdfund is targeting a minimum of $1 million.

For more information, see the Oceanlab ICO website or visit the bitcointalk thread.

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