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DEX integrated within Waves Android client

The new release means that users can enjoy all the functionality of the lite client from their mobile devices.

A new version of the Waves Android client has been released, updating the mobile wallet with the full range of features and benefits of the standard desktop lite client.

At a time when traditional exchanges are coming under scrutiny once again — both as the bitcoin fork takes its toll on exchange operations, and as BTC-e is shut down by authorities investigating the laundering of funds from the MtGox debacle — it is more important than ever to offer a user-friendly, safe and reliable trading experience.

From today, the Waves community will be able to enjoy all the powerful and diverse functionality of the DEX from an Android smartphone or tablet. It is possible to create Matcher orders, view bid and ask depth, and trade crypto tokens directly against each other with all the speed and security of Waves’ decentralised exchange.

“Waves was designed from the outset to make blockchain tokens accessible to everyone and to bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream,’ comments Waves CEO, Sasha Ivanov. ‘The ability to access all the functionality of the platform from a mobile device isn’t just a desirable add-on — it’s a fundamental requirement to put crypto in the hands of anyone and everyone who wants to use it. The DEX is right at the core of the Waves ecosystem and I’m pleased to be able to announce it’s now an integral part of the Android client. Once again our dev team deserves credit for this important new milestone.”

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