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Trading SmartCoins with CCEDK

For more than 25 years, Ronny Boesing distributed and published CDs, DVDs, games and other digital media all over the world, in over 65 countries on five continents. Today, he runs CCEDK the first Danish online exchange for digital currencies such as Bitcoin and BitShares, as well as a range of others including price-stable SmartCoins like BitUSD, BitEUR and BitCNY.

Book of Life – Part II

When the music stopped making money from one day to the other, business as well as family changed and it was time to close the book of life and to open a new one. It was time to start all over again introducing an exciting new way of looking at things, a wonderful support by wife and kids, combined with the settling down on the coast side in the north of Denmark.

“It might seem like a big jump, but the difference isn’t really that great,” says 49-year-old Boesing in an interview. “I am a pioneer in spirit, and all my life I have made my income getting out there to the rest of the world, in places and countries no one else thought profitable, trying to sell a product. The product might be different each time; the whole world, however, is still my little playground,” he remarks, with a glint in his eye.

Is there a link between the two careers of music distribution and cryptocurrency trading? Yes, says Boesing: “not least because transparency and good Danish common sense are both factors for ensuring future international success. They’re also both fast-moving industries, where the advantages of seizing an opportunity can be immense.”

Bitcoin and BitShares

“I would characterise myself as a realistic optimist. I tend to say yes, when others decline. I also believe in the good in people, but once let down, I do have a tendency not to forgive that easily. I don’t see myself as naive, as I stay away from any projects I don’t have a gut instinct about.” This is how Ronny Boesing describes himself, and it’s why he decided to start a Bitcoin exchange one year ago. Not content to focus on Bitcoin alone – the most widely-used form of digital money – he researched other cryptocurrencies, selecting NXT and a handful of others to trade on his new platform. Since then, Boesing has managed to add some 15 currencies sofar of which he gives special attention to the newly entered price-stable SmartCoins from BitShares, namely BitUSD, BitEUR and BitCNY.

While Bitcoin enables money transfers alone, BitShares is an industrial-strength second-generation cryptocurrency that offers a much wider range of capabilities. Rather than being just digital money, it can be thought of as the smart contract infrastructure for a digital economy. This includes everything from stable SmartCoins to hacker-proof decentralized exchanges with no counterparty risks to transparent voting and polling. Because it is decentralized, it is effectively owned and run by every BitShares holder. There is no centralized corporation that controls it, but it does benefit from the support of many independent businesses that share in its profits by building on its open platform.

Although BitShares and its SmartCoins can be sent and traded just like Bitcoins, the platform also offers a range of innovative features – of which the boundless trading options on The BitShares network in the form of BitAsset-based SmartCoins that track the value of Gold, Silver, Oil, Euro, US dollars, Yuan, Bitcoin and more is a never ending array of new possibilities. “With this BitShares network in mind, it makes perfect sense to introduce a gateway to fiat on CCEDK. This allows conversion between many trading pairs such as BitUSD and real world hard cash US dollars”, Ronny Boesing said.

“At the moment, the path from BitShares to fiat can have many steps. People trade from BitShares to CNY to bitcoin to USD, incurring fees at every step. We would like to cut some steps here and make it possible to exchange directly with fiat via SmartCoins like BitUSD, BitEUR or BitCNY or BitShares itself,” Boesing said. “With the next two month’s campaign of no deposit fees on the three major currencies USD, CNY and EUR, we are happy to be part of creating a low cost fiat bridge to BitShares and its SmartCoins.”

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Introducing CCEDK

The venture came about at the beginning of 2014, when he was approached by an international investment group – one of whom was a good friend from back in the nineties, and an old distributor of music. The group had long had its eyes on Denmark due to the liberal and open regulatory framework there, and already knowing Boesing as a trustworthy, tolerant and flexible entrepreneur the choice was easy. Boesing took up the challenge with a will, and on March 20th, 2014 the company Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS (CCEDK ApS) was created. Boesing became the founder of the very first crypto currency exchange of it is kind in Denmark. The exchange itself went live on May 26th 2014, starting with Bitcoin and adding NXT soon afterwards with the help of its developers and marketers.

“We feel a genuine excitement to be able to capitalise on the advantages of offering investment opportunities from our location in a crypto-friendly jurisdiction, as well as to be able to add some major new and emerging markets in the form of the BitAsset-based SmartCoins like BitUSD, BitCNY and BitEUR.”

“These are exciting times, and it’s great to be working with such a strong and vibrant community” Boesing continues. “The BitShares community is extremely active and has many talented people working in it. When you’re launching an initiative like CCEDK, it’s important to know that you have partners who will back you and grow with you as you move forwards. We’re all looking forward to a very bright future.”

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