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Peak Venture Group Adopts the BitShares Exchange Network

“We’re always looking for game-changing opportunities,” smiled Steve Tiffany, CEO of Peak Venture Group. “BitShares has the potential to supercharge most of our existing businesses and revolutionize everything about how we start new ones.”

The Las Vegas based startup incubator has big ambitions that leverage remarkable synergies in the cryptocurrency, ATMs, remittance, video gaming, and network marketing industries. “BitShares turns out to be the missing catalyst needed to stimulate viral growth across our whole portfolio,” said Tiffany.

He could see that got my attention, so he plunged ahead. “Our original killer concept was to bring together a network of merchants and affiliate marketers by helping them to connect with each other in a double-sided marketplace. Merchants are always looking for ways to sell their products and affiliates are always looking for lucrative new things to sell. We put together a system that helps them find each other. We already have over 17,000 members on our video game site and 8500 marketers in our affiliate system the first year. Whoosh!”

“Then one of those affiliates introduced us to BitShares”, said Tiffany, shaking his head. “I thought it was just going to be a way to maybe make commission payments within our network a bit more automatic and trust-free. But after talking with BitShares Founder Dan Larimer, I realized his brainchild was going to change everything we do!”

“What exactly is it that you do?” I was about to ask, but he was already on a roll.

“We provide specialized training for an affiliate marketing force and broker connections to all kinds of products they’ll find easy to sell. Then we go looking for startup companies with ideas worth investing in, and hand them a marketing outlet on a silver platter! Most startups focus on their products and services, leaving marketing as an afterthought. We deliberately invest knowing that we can add a powerful engine for customer acquisition on Day One. We look for startups that fit into that model, and then harness our marketing horsepower to their front end.”

He could see I needed a concrete example right about now, so he smoothly obliged.

“Take for instance the market we put together for the gaming industry”, he said. “And I’m not talking gambling or anything like that. When we say gaming, we’re referring to the video game community. One aspect I’m talking about is the Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) – video games in which a very large number of players interact within a virtual game realm. It’s a $65B industry world wide!”

“We created two symbiotic companies. Our gaming eCommerce store is one-stop shop for everything to do with video games, including ACME laser swords, valuable game items, rare related merchandise, gold, you name it. Then our affiliate program teaches gamers how to do their own viral network marketing of everything that we sell while preserving the gaming atmosphere for our affiliates to keep the fun intact. We motivate the industry’s most passionate expert gamers to become its most productive marketers. They wind up building their own game and financial empire at the same time! And we do so by seamlessly integrating real world and game world currencies and empires.”

“You can see how this led us naturally to crypto currencies, and ultimately to BitShares,” he traced a finger from dot to dot, as if the connection was obvious.

Seeing my puzzled expression, he slowed down to a brisk trot. “We needed a way to seamlessly transition real world currencies like dollars and euros and the unique digital currencies used inside many of the games we offer at the gaming site. I figured we could integrate a crypto currency wallet somehow and use that currency as the common denominator and a way to automatically pay affiliate commissions.

But BitShares gave us a complete decentralized currency exchange network right out of the box. It even had built-in smart contracts to help automate our affiliate program. This helps us make sure every affiliate gets paid automatically for every transaction made by any member of her integrated game and financial empire. And BitShares can keep up with gaming speeds – Its average transaction time is about a second compared to, say, Bitcoin where it can take the better part of an hour to confirm a transaction. Gamers can’t wait that long to get more ammo for their hypersonic reciprocating transmorgifyer when they are pinned down and really, really need it!

No other cryptocurrency had all that. It completely changed how we now think about all of our start-ups.”

I was starting to get a glimmer of that potential, but before I could dig deeper into the implications of seamlessly integrated virtual and physical world empires he went zooming off in another direction.

“We plan to use the same model to integrate the crypto universe”, he waved as if it were a done deal. “Our Chief of Acquisitions and Visionary Officer, Justin LaFountain, has been spearheading a whole new crypto currency venture maybe even bigger than gaming. Its flagship website will soon debut as a one-stop education and shopping site for everything about crypto. The ultimate goal is to introduce new arrivals to the freedoms of the crypto universe and help spread that freedom across its physical and virtual counterparts. We hope that will lead to many loyal customers.”

“Originally, we thought crypto-evangelism meant teaching people about Bitcoin, how to get and use crypto currencies, wallets, mining support, and understanding the leading exchanges. But by integrating the industrial grade BitShares Exchange Network directly onto our web sites, there’s much more value we can add.”

Even better, we now have a network of complementary partners like,, making the fusion of all our crypto-savvy products and services available to each other’s customers. Transparently interoperable markets and freely interacting customers will exponentially magnify our combined network effect.

Bottom line, our competitive edge as a startup incubator was to integrate affiliate marketing into every one of them. BitShares’ smart contract services, financial products, and internal affiliate program will greatly amplify that. It all works together to turn existing customers into affiliate marketers and existing affiliate marketers into uber-productive affiliate mentors.”

Clearly inspiring himself, his gaze drifted off to the horizon, “Peak Ventures Group can leverage these same BitShares Exchange Network relationships to supercharge every Group of new Ventures we Peak!”

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