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DASH and Litecoin Analysis January 25, 2018


Dash traders did very little during the day on Wednesday, although it was positive. There was little in the way of volume, and that is the most concerning part. I suspect that we will probably see the market roll over again, but if we were to break above the $1000 level, regardless of volume, I would be convinced to start buying. In the meantime, I suspect that we are going to get a pull back.


Litecoin had a little bit more volume, but quite frankly still looks very anemic. I believe that the $200 level above will probably continue to offer resistance, so I would be a bit surprised if we broke above there. If we did so with volume, I would be convinced to start buying. We have made a “higher low”, but on very little volume, so it’s not convincing quite yet.

Thanks for watching, I’ll be back tomorrow.

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