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Not truncated 5th and I had the wave count incorrect before

Looks like I counted wave 4 as part of wave 5. I adjusted the wavecount on the previous wave C of B to properly count the 5th wave up. Now we appear to be on wave 2 of 5 of the final wave C of this correction. I am waiting for either 7600 to see if it bounces there and maybe I’ll buy in, or it could go as low as 6000 since this would be wave 2 of the greater degree uptrend, in which case it could retrace almost the entirety of wave 1 (the previous uptrend from ~6000 to ~11700).

So, I’m just waiting for the remaining 3 of 5 waves down to see how far they take it. If I see a strong bounce somewhere along the way I might reconsider my plans. I linked my other ideas to show how they have evolved as this correction has unfolded. If anyone knows a way to modify an already published idea let me know. I feel like I may be spamming ideas at this point? Not sure, new to this. Thanks for reading!

They are all BTC/USD ideas because it seems pointless of me to try to predict the movement of alts when BTC             seems to drag them all along with it.

I’m looking to BUY between 7600 and 6000.

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