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Education – 1) Trend & Channel

To become a good trader

– Trend is the first think to know and understand;

o Trend always stronger than channels, ranges so ever,

o Trying to trade against trend is one of biggest mistake to do, which is sometimes experienced traders are doing

o If you wanna understand the trend you should look longer timeframes; in forex you can use weekly or monthly charts to understand it, in cryptocurrencies daily charts are cool enough, as i backtested

o Once you see the way, then you can start to look another indicators, channels, ichi, harmonics, fibs, ew, bb whatever you use

– Channels are second strong think to trade with;

o i just pinned one but as you see in the chart there are lots of them, and also there will be much more if you look at shorter timeframes

o Main think about trade with channels is; channel has to be on the same page with trend

o Second think is you should anticipate it before it occurs

– This is going to be my first educational document that i’m sharing, so feel free to criticize and add useful information with comments to make it better for me and community

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