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BTC | Support Diminishing Rapidly

Ok. Be weary of a big bounce here if you haven’t taken profit yet… Keep those margins and your general position hedged. (Not even sure if I’m using that word right at this stage)

Basically, I have long and short positions open balanced towards short. As I take profit going doen, ill take the loss which is lesser in btc giving me a net BTC profit on the way down. In FIAT value, this is held at around the initial investment level.

The idea is, once the bottom is hit, and you’ve been inflating your holdings in terms of BTC, and we start going up again, you will start getting some pretty insane growth on your starting FIAT entry the market as a whole.

An old friend who I fear is long lost taught me the basic in which I have taught myself. As much as it pains me to say this, the desire to surpass my master drives me..

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