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I keep studying and testing “THE MOVING WATER”- (TMW)- A new trading perspective. It keeps working very smoothly.

So far, within 2 months TMW could give us 5 charts that came to be 100% PERFECT. As you can see on the links below on related ideas.

I have invented The Moving Water because all I learned from all around only gives us 60% of profit probability, to that’s like flipping a coin, or gamble. I am trying to create something that is almost 100% perfect.

If that is possible “ALL IN” should be my way of trading. I should know for sure what I am doing, and not be thrown by the waves everywhere.

To me, if we change strategy because of the waves, we are not reading all the water flows underneath the sea, and should not trade, because if that is true, that would be just a bet – 50% – 50%, not a trade with a logical plan.

What is on the chart above does not begin to embrace all of the analysis that is necessary to apply the strategy, so just the basic is there to give you the way.

Finally, it is possible to see the end of the storm, and far ahead I can see big waves formation that we can ride up.

For this trade, it is necessary to stay ahead, because price might just bounce really fast on the bottom of the green zone (buy zone) and on the top of the green zone (sell zone), so you should start placing orders now.

There are two targets: 1st. under 10k, and 2nd under 14k             .

This analysis was made on BTC-USDT-POLONIEX, so if you are using another platform you should adapt the price range with those support and resistances.

I believe human intelligence Infinite             and the artificial intelligence will never win. Let’s show them who is in charge. Let’s crack the Bots.

If you want to get serious about this crypto trading world I recommend getting your PRO ACCOUNT, because the free version does not give you the minimum necessary, which is: 5 indicators per chart, 5 saved charts layout, 10 side alerts, 2 charts per layout.

So, if you are ready to become a real trader click on this link:


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