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95% people here doesnt understand situation on market, we are sinking big time guys.
All seems fine, but how far will they push?
Actually, everything is wrong with this market. since we should have downtrend from level 8000 level toward to 3000.
Instead, we got line of an uptrend 2500$ higher than in normal enviroment.
Mathematicaly they could go to 13,500 level.
But we already saw this push scenario more than 3 weeks ago, starting from push from 11,700 toward 1200 (500$ in 15 min time).
Back then, Bitcoin             behavior was low volume (same as now, besides pushing toward resistance and breaking it), spoofing walls like now (that means that if normal enviroment you dont have decent volume .
Beacause, there is no BOTH SIDED VOLUME , real volume , smart money/fresh money, coming from all users, not juthere is not ” groups of people holding between 2-4 billions, flashing market, buying large ammounts on price level 11.500$ price and of course, they do know as well there is no healthy reason for growth, but since they have large ammounts, they are trying to take each and every dollar, before it colapses.
But you don’t know that.
I belive most of the people don’t know.
People who are realistic are outspoken by A rated traders which analysis is credited because someone decided to pump.
If he didn’t decided to pump, all analysis about bullishness would not came through and 90% of them would fail to “came to be”.
Despite all facts following this Bitcoin             (manipulating indicators ( macd crossing, rsi , some volume , but only when spoofing walls or preventing downtrend. in situation where price was 10500 going toward 10100 and made some amorphic shape ending at 10932$), it’s enough to reconder you decision about BEING BULLISH WITH NO REASON.
People who are listening advices given by my side certanly DIDN’T LOSE A SINGLE DOLLAR, REGARDING THIS SITUATION AND IN PREVIOUS ONE and in every one, because many people are burned 3 times so far. (roll back, you will see.)
You certanly can ride the waves with short s/l, so there is no change to get burned.
Now, someone is lauder when talking about being bullish and cycle does really look like new one ( WHICH ISN’T CORRECT), DOWNTREND HAS NOT FINISHED MY FRIENDS.

We could to scalping prices as it “climbed” with near s/l, or rebuy on dips, because that was our one and only chance to rebuy on “decent value” and participate in rebounce.]
Since that did not happend (because price was continued to be pushed starting from 8800 toward these levels without one sudden correction from 11000-10.000, under very strange circumstancies (which newbies condier “price consolidation.
Taxi drivers say ” Zoom out mate, we are bullish , thank you for your money (wtf that means) :D.
Hair stylist aiming for 40.000$ (as well as some professional amateurs) serious traders, A rated.
They are WRONG, not because i said it because i decided to be bearish with no reason.
We are in bear market my friends and as soon it starts to ” apparently fall appart, but that will be yo-yo effect (pushed more/sinks more), which also could be compensated with injected cash flow+smart money+taxi drivers money+hair stylist money.

Can u immagine how market will look like?
Alts drop 5% during Btc             uptrend.
Alts drop 10% during Btc             downtrend.
They will continue milking your altcoins to the core in order to persuade you to sell it.
That some altcoins will most probably thunder BIG TIME ON 8,400 LEVEL. (Siacoin 400% return, Bitshares, Digibyte etc etc).
Don’t buy stories about altcoin and goin to 0, that’s not gonna happend.
You know why?
Altcoin won this year and this is a YEAR of ALTCOINS IN MAJOR WAY.
They are the one who will be thuddering through the market, not Bitcoin             .
Bitcoin             is only storage of value, but in todays             term not practical because of many other things.
That doesn’t decrese his value.
SHA 256 is still proven unhackable since 2009.
Wall’s are spoofed.
Use S/L.

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