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Bitcoin Becomes Bullish

The 4H chart looks good for buying. The main reason for this is an Inverse Head And Shoulders chart pattern which gives a strong trend reversal signal. This pattern must be confirmed by the price breakout above the signal line. If we so, we’ll have a very good buy signal. Also, this signal line forms with SMA100 and downtrend line a strong resistance zone . This zone is very important for the market and price action at this zone will show the further price movements. If the price breaks this resistance, it will be a confirmation of further upward movement. The price will move to 10000.00 and 12000.00 resistance levels. Alternative variant: the price will bounce from the resistance zone and drop below 8000.00 level. After that we should be ready to see the market falling to 6000.00 support level . It will give us new trading opportunities and good levels for buying for long run.
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