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TenX dev update โ€” 27th Oct, 2017

Wallpaper material ๐Ÿ™‚

This week we had our YouTube livestream Q&A with Julian. Questions were fielded on our TenX subreddit. We plan to hold these every fortnight, so you can look forward to regular updates from TenX HQ. You can watch the full video below.

We also released a couple of educational videos covering Bitcoin Gold. The first one gives you an overview on everything you need to know on the newly forked currency.

The other video offers a pro tip on how to secure your coins when there is no replay protection. Watch it below.

A quick update on the product side of things:

Android app

  • Update will be available soon with fixes for some minor crash issues
  • 85% complete on UI/UX refactoring and polishing

iOS app

  • Continuing to work on KYC fixes
  • Continuing work with design team to enhance the UI/UX


  • Full focus and priority on load testing and backend performance as we expect a large influx of new users in the coming weeks (As per Julian mentioning in the last Q&A, TenX will be featured on a popular mainstream TV show)
  • ETH v2 wallet integration deprioritised temporarily, will resume next week
  • Upgraded Matrix/Riot server from 0.23 to 0.24
  • Migrated Matrix/Riot server database from sqlite to postgres


  • Refactoring and polishing current UI based on best practice
  • Continuing UX research with our user community
  • Laying out the foundations for style consistency. Branding, defining colours, typography, etc
  • Collecting user insights and transforming it to actionable features

ETH, ERC20 and DASH stability integration

  • Upgrading and testing of Ethereum Byzantium release
  • Scaling work with Core
  • Integration of ETHv2 TenX wallet with core

If you want to keep up with our latest progress please:

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