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TenX dev update — 13th Oct, 2017

This week we had our livestream Q&A with Julian covering a range of questions and updates. The questions were hosted on our r/TenX subreddit and is something we’ll probably continue to do for future Q&A’s as we get the community to help weed out questions that have answered before through upvote/downvote system. You can watch the full video below.

You can also check out the transcript of that here.

This week’s vlog features highlights from a recent internal team Town Hall that was livestreamed from Singapore to our team members all over the world. You’ll also get a glimpse of our under-construction office space, as well as snippets of other meetings with the design, product, support, community, operations, legal, and compliance teams.

A quick update on the product side of things:

iOS app

  • Fixed email verification issue at signup
  • Continuing work with design team to enhance the UI/UX

Android app

  • Fixed KYC documents submission causing rejection for some users
  • Several crash fixes
  • Fixed bug for some users having difficulties to activating the card
  • Halfway done on major UI/UX revamp 🙂


  • Continuing with ongoing performance and scaling efforts
  • Started ETH v2.0 internal integration to the core backend
  • Planning out new card issuer integration to the core backend

ETH, ERC20 and DASH stability integration

  • Integration work is ongoing
  • Continuous integration (CI) is being worked on for robust delivery

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