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TenX Community Rocket Chat

You must be wondering, why are we switching chat community platforms again? Well, it was a Riot at first but we’ve had time to re-evaluate the requirements of our community and we’ve been listening to a lot of your feedback. Also party parrots. I mean come on, who doesn’t miss these guys?

If you’ve been on Riot already, you’ll come to see that Rocket has many of the features and more that you’ve come to appreciate, along with the safety and full control that Slack was lacking. We think you’ll like it and find it a simpler experience, perhaps closer to what you’re familiar with in terms of chat apps. We’ll still have Riot on until the end of January and will shut it down as Rocket will become the primary chat platform for TenX.

You can join the Rocket server here directly from your browser:

And you can also download the apps here for your desktop and mobile devices.

If you want to keep up with our latest progress please:

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