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TenX community chat migration to Riot

This is it, we’re finally doing it. We’re leaving slack behind for good and are switching to Riot.

With the onslaught of scams and phishing attacks hitting our slack community (along with many crypto projects) over the past few months, we knew we had to take drastic action to protect you, our community. We have been carefully considering and planning for an eventual switch to a platform that is better suited for large online communities and secure enough for our needs.

So what’s Riot?

It’s a frontend UI built on top of Matrix, which is an open standard for decentralised communications covering IM, VoIP/WebRTC signalling, IoT communication, etc. Riot is open source (Apache licensed) meaning anyone can audit and contribute new features, translations and help it grow. We can also host our own server for complete control.

Riot have been very supportive of crypto communities and we have been in discussions with their dev team to help configure and develop our very own Riot instance for TenX. To learn more about the platform, check out this presentation by Riot and Matrix cofounder Matthew at last month’s Ethereum London Meetup where he gives an overview of the capabilities and a demo of how it works.

Reasons we like Riot

  • It is a decentralised communications network and has a codebase our developers enjoy working on
  • Built using React, easy to maintain and work on
  • Decentralised infrastructure, although provides everything needed for projects and users, self deployed instances are also supported and widely used on the Matrix standard
  • Server deployment supported: we can be in control of our data
  • Strong team, very talented group of developers and a solid product roadmap
  • Strong encryption, Riot has first class end to end encryption
  • Standard real-time API
  • Ability to set granular permissions on each room
  • Ability to disable Direct Messaging (DMs) and room invites
  • Ability to filter content
  • Cool widgets — embed apps into rooms like video conferences, currency tickers, DApps, wallets, monitoring dashboards, etc
  • 100% native apps on iOS and Android (of course)
  • Read receipts (Slack doesn’t even have this)
  • Bridges: Allows us to mirror the messages from Slack, Gitter, IRC, Twitter, Telegram, SMS and more
  • Roadmap for upvotes/downvotes on messages and per-member reputation

Areas for improvement

  • Groups/Communities features — One of the biggest missing features in Matrix is the ability to define groups of users and rooms, similar to a Slack team or Discord server, which can be used to organise together a set of discussions and generally give a feeling of community. We understand the Riot team is working very hard to get this up and we can expect to see it in the next few weeks.
  • UX flow — From a security and encryption standpoint, Riot and Matrix are solid but the UX side of things on Riot needs quite a bit of work, especially the device verification flow and sharing keys between trusted devices.
  • UI/UX improvements — Other missing UI/UX features include message pinning, editing, reactions, gifs. The Riot team is continuing to work on this over the next few months. There are many areas for possible improvement in Riot’s overall UX and design that the team is working on as urgently as they can.

We know it’s not perfect, and there’s still a lot of work to be done, but please bear with us and with Riot. Just like TenX, it’s a fairly early stage product being built for a purpose that hasn’t really ever been done yet. We’re happy to support this effort and help build this in the community spirit of the blockchain and decentralised startup ecosystem.

So what’s next?

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