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Dev update — Sept 8, 2017

This week we started off with Julian’s AMA (ask me anything) live video stream with the e27 community who were nice enough to host us and spread the word about TenX.

On Tuesday Paul was at the Product Hunt Singapore meetup to talk about our product design, UI/UX and development journey. It was a great experience to meet like minded product focused and obsessed people from the tech community, to reach out and talk crypto and share how we are building the product with you, our community.

TenX at Product Hunt Singapore meetup

Another highlight this week was Jaxx adding support for PAY tokens in their popular wallet app for multiple devices.

TenX PAY on Jaxx wallet

We also shared our TenX team core values and our culture. We talk a little about it on the latest vlog as well. Check it out if you haven’t yet!

TenX core values and culture

A quick update on the product side of things are as follows:

iOS app

  • Version 0.3 submitted to app store, to be released soon
  • QA and fixing issues reported by testers and community from version 0.2
  • Fixed performance issues, fixed ‘session token expired’ loop and refactored code
  • Enhancing app UI/UX

Web app

  • Still working through bug fixes and feature requests
  • Added SMS login
  • Allowed changing of emails
  • Updated validation rules
  • Continuing work on backend admin panel redesign and feature implementation underway to speed up support queries

Android app

  • Completed KYC information upload from camera with preview/crop feature and ability to upload from gallery
  • Still working on modifying user phone number functionality
  • UI bug fixes and preparing for a big UI/UX revamp
  • Splash screen and onboarding screens close to completion
  • Signup and login screens being worked on now

ETH, ERC20 and DASH stability integration

  • Completed an internal testing round
  • Working on making ETH/ERC20 more scalable and robust
  • Gradual rollout of ETH activation to a bigger group of users, more to come in the coming weeks

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