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Dev update — Sept 15th, 2017

TenX vision for mass adoption of crypto

For our weekly Q&A with Julian this week, we tried something new adding the ability to upvote questions that were asked on a tool called slido. We’re still testing it out and might make it a regular thing, please leave us comments on what you think.

This week’s vlog covers some major events we had externally (Product Hunt meetup) and internally (our first Town Hall) and also you finally get to see Brendon (QA Support & Community) from slack, he flew in from New Zealand to finally spend time with the rest of the team here in Singapore!

A quick update on the product side of things are as follows:

iOS app

  • Version 0.3 was released at the beginning of the week
  • We should have version 0.4 up ready next week on the app store
  • QA and fixing issues reported by testers and community from version 0.3
  • Working to add fiat and crypto values for transaction history and detailed transactions
  • Working to add email notification screen
  • Continuing work with design team to enhance the UI/UX

Android app

  • UI and UX fixes on login, signup and KYC screens
  • Display currency now sorted alphabetically
  • FAQ/Support website is now redirecting correctly
  • Continuing work on UI fixes and preparing for a big UI/UX revamp


  • Finished integration of custom cards from card issuer
  • Improved settlement process to detect certain cases of mismatches
  • Refunds on card are now processed in the original transaction currency and include merchant information
  • Technical integration of new card issuer
  • Improving support dashboard capabilities

ETH, ERC20 and DASH stability integration

  • Scalable ETH & ERC20 solution has been successfully developed and is now undergoing further testing
  • Currently working on fund handling security

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