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Dev update — Sept 1, 2017

It was a huge week for us in terms of milestones with the iOS app finally being approved by iTunes. It should be available for download in most countries now, but this is still an open beta release. Once again, we intentionally did not announce this on slack and social media as this is still very much a work in progress.

We are currently pushing a new update to fix bugs reported by the community and it should hopefully be up by the weekend. A big shout out and thanks to everyone who has given us feedback and reported bugs, along with great suggestions.

For the weekly livestream with Julian, we are trialing YouTube as a lot of you in the community requested this instead of using Facebook Live. So far so good as we had over 680 live viewers tuned in!

A quick update on the product side of things are as follows:

iOS app

  • Approved and listed on iTunes on 30 August — we didn’t announce it but a few in the community caught on and started testing 🙂
  • Fixing bugs reported by testers, new version with fixes to come shortly
  • Continuing to fine tune, refactor code and cleaning up
  • Enhancing app UI/UX

Web app

  • Still working through bug fixes and feature requests
  • Continuing work on backend admin panel redesign and feature implementation underway to speed up support queries

Android app

  • Working on KYC information upload from camera with preview/crop feature and ability to upload from gallery
  • Working on modifying user phone number functionality
  • UI bug fixes and preparing for a big UI/UX revamp
  • Working on modifying user email functionality

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