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Dev update — July 13th, 2017

In this short blog post we’d like to update the community and bring everyone up to speed on the product development of TenX and the items we are working on this week.

Web app

  • We are full steam ahead working on the web app
  • Abstracting the API calls in case something changes and also creating/styling reusable UI components

ETH and ERC20 stability integration

  • Stabilisation of ETH and ERC20 integration on the TenX Wallet
  • The goal is to allow ETH and ERC20 tokens enabled by default for all TenX installations soon

TenX website and app downloads

  • Small update on website now showing a call to action button to download the TenX app
  • We have close to 200+new app downloads a day
  • 4000+ visitors a day on our website
  • Soon to launch — Limited Edition card claim landing page in the next week
Android app stats
Website stats


  • UX and user journey research
  • Finalising a user experience strategy


  • Finalising ATM fees, fee structure for atm payments
  • Ongoing performance and stability monitoring / improvement
  • Activated ATM withdrawals internationally
  • Claiming Special/Founder edition cards available soon

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