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Dev update — August 18, 2017

This week we finally launched our web app in closed beta! We have a small group in the community who have been fantastic in providing valuable feedback. This has allowed our devs to fix the major issues. We’ve also been getting some really detailed feedback on UI/UX so we are looking at doing as much improvements to the product as we can.

Open beta on Monday 21 August

In case you missed it, check out our weekly team video update which was livestreamed on Facebook by Julian on Monday:

This week’s quick update on the product side of things are as follows:

Web app

  • Closed beta testing ongoing
  • Working through bug fixes and feature requests from closed group
  • Integrating Firebase APIs
  • Open beta begins Monday, August 21

iOS app

  • On track for closed beta 21 August
  • Apple developer license finalised and setup for app store submission
  • Internal testing with devs

ETH, ERC20 and DASH stability integration

  • Gradual rollout of ETH activation to small group of users, more to come in the coming weeks

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