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Dev update — 29th Sept, 2017

You can use this as a wallpaper 🙂

This week we focused quite a bit on COMIT and updated the community on how it’s progressing from the R&D side. We also published an in-depth article on COMIT here. Julian held an hour long session and Q&A on the topic in place of our weekly general questions. Check out the video below.

You can also check out our regular VLOG giving the community a behind the scenes look at the team.

A quick update on the product side of things are as follows:

iOS app

  • Version 0.4 is in final review, should be released any time now
  • Now optimised for iOS 11
  • Fixed postal code issue for some countries (UK, CA, etc)
  • Added security enhancements
  • Added support for custom card
  • Other bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Integrated Google Analytics
  • Continuing work with design team to enhance the UI/UX

Android app

  • New version released in Play Store with bug fixes and support for different types of card activations
  • Currently working on crash fixes
  • Major UX/UI revamp in progress


  • Finalising new card issuer custom card integration and processes
  • Performance evaluation and improvement
  • Improving payment performance and reliability
  • Continuing plans ETH v2.0 integration after backend performance evaluation

ETH, ERC20 and DASH stability integration

  • Addressed some minor scalability issues
  • Funds handling automation is now complete
  • We are now in the final stages of integration testing and bug fixing

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