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Dev update — 25 August, 2017

This week we quietly soft launched our web app open beta to our slack community. We intentionally did not announce this on social media to keep the registrations manageable and to allow a gradual onboarding process from the community. We truly appreciate all the support from our group of open beta users in the community, we really couldn’t build a better product without your feedback and testing.

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The dev team is working on overdrive for both iOS and the web app focusing on delivering what the community has been asking for. So this week’s quick update on the product side of things are as follows:

Web app

  • Completed soft launch of the open beta on 21 Aug, Monday
  • Working through bug fixes and feature requests from new influx of users
  • Tests, some refactoring and quality improvements
  • Backend admin panel redesign and feature implementation underway to speed up support queries
  • UX design updates and improvements

iOS app

  • Working through bug fixes
  • Internal testing
  • Preparing for app store submission end August

ETH, ERC20 and DASH stability integration

  • Hot-cold wallet upgrade
  • Scalable API integration for Ethereum (ETH and ERC20)
  • Fixed an issue with deposits that are sent from smart contracts
  • Fixed other reliability issues with ETH/ERC20
  • Gradual rollout of ETH activation to a bigger group of users, more to come in the coming weeks

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