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Stratis Mobile App Update

We are happy to announce an experimental update on the Stratis App. In this new release we have made available the  exchange capability between BTC/STRAT pairs provided by Changelly.

The update is available for both iOS and Android devices. As of today you should have received an update message from the corresponding app store:

iOS Users: should receive an update notification. Just accept the update and proceed to the app.

Android users: If you haven’t received the notification, visit the Google Play app store and find the Stratis app. You should have the “Update” option active. Follow the prompts to update the app.


In order to buy/sell cryptocurrencies you need to enter your information in the provided fields.


Exchange capabilities are provided by Changelly

Stratis Group is not responsible for use of the Changelly  functionality, any lost of funds or other issues with your transactions, and we do not provide support for transactions provided by Changelly. We recommend you make sure the addresses are correct and make sure you are operating  with the correct currencies.

We would like to thank Stratis community member @alifar for this great update. As usual we welcome any feedback to further improve the user experience in our mobile app.

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