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Stratis Development Roadmap Update

The Stratis Q1 and Q2 Roadmap is now available, highlighting the key deliverables from Stratis over the course of this period.


Full Node GUI

The Full Node GUI is constantly improving, this release is built upon the feedback received from the Alpha release in December. This release will be a Mainnet Beta release.

Breeze Privacy Protocol

The Breeze Wallet with Privacy Protocol has progressed through various internal test phases that focused on further testing of the protocol. In addition, rigorous testing has continued around the ‘accounting’ of the protocol with coin safety as a top concern.

Expect to see the Mainnet Beta release during this period.

Full Node

Development work on the full node continues and we are currently undertaking extensive test cycles. This will be a Mainnet Beta release.

ICO Platform

The ICO platform will be utilized by the two-announced verified ICOs in the coming weeks. The final release incorporates the feedback provided during the Stratis Test ICO, as well as an improved user interface.

Stratis Identity

Additional features are being added to the Stratis Identity application for the Apple iOS release. Once these features have been integrated, the application will be re-submitted for Apple’s verification.

Stratis Academy

Courses continue to be developed for the Stratis Academy and will be released during this period.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts development continues with the Alpha release to be available during this period. More information regarding the Smart Contract offering will be communicated in a separate blog post.


Several of our technologies are coming together; Blockchain Generation, Blockchain Customization and Sidechains. These combined technologies create a flexible and feature rich platform. Expect to see a first-step release of these technologies working together in this period when our Sidechains Alpha is released.


Further updates on the progress of the roadmap deliverables will be communicated during this period. The roadmap highlights the exciting deliverables for Stratis in Q1 & Q2.





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