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Stratis Blockchain Generation Technology

Stratis is announcing an exciting milestone in our mission to provide blockchain services to the enterprise.  We have achieved the capability to provide custom blockchains based on Stratis Blockchain Technology.  This technology is ready today and can begin to be deployed to eagerly awaiting enterprise customers.

Our Stratis Blockchain Generation Technology allows the Stratis Consulting team to create a new blockchain along with wallets, mining and full node infrastructure running on .NET Core using C#.  This makes digital asset issuance, custodianship, and ownership transfer on the blockchain a reality for all businesses.

The technology allows the creation of a private blockchain (with its own genesis block) and therefore a new coin. Bespoke versions of the Stratis Full Node are then deployed across the network and a blockchain is born. The blocks can then be mined using either ‘Proof of Work’ or ‘Proof of Stake’ mining.  Wallets can be branded with your coin/asset and include your custom coin address scheme.

New public blockchains are also supported.

Customizations will also be available to enterprises that have bespoke requirements such as bigger block sizes, different block intervals or new consensus rules. And because these customizations can be rapidly developed on .NET Core in C# this opens a huge range of possibilities for the enterprise.

Stratis Blockchain Generation Technology works with Microsoft Azure or is deployable on premises or on other cloud network infrastructures.


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