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Poloniex Now Listing STORJ ERC20 Token for Trading

Good news for the Storj community! STORJ tokens are being listed on Poloniex for trading. You can begin depositing STORJ tokens to the Poloniex exchange this evening, October 26, around 11:00 pm EDT (2:00 UTC).

If you still hold any old, deprecated SJCX Counterparty tokens on Poloniex, you will need to immediately convert them to the new STORJ ERC20 tokens on a 1:1 basis using the Storj conversion app before trading them on the Poloniex exchange. After conversion, users can then re-deposit the newly converted STORJ tokens back to their new Poloniex STORJ deposit address or send them to another ERC20-compatible wallet.

Users should migrate any old SJCX tokens still held on Poloniex to the new STORJ token ahead of Poloniex’s SJCX delisting, which will happen in the next few weeks.

To convert tokens from SJCX to STORJ, take the following steps. You can also use our Storj token conversion guide for reference, which includes more detailed instructions with screenshots:

1. Navigate to

2. Enter the required information: your email address and, if you plan to send your new STORJ tokens to a wallet for holding them long-term, an ERC20-compatible wallet address such as MEW, parity or mist (please choose the latest stable release) or, if you are planning to immediately trade your new STORJ tokens again on the Poloniex exchange, you will need to enter your new Poloniex STORJ deposit address. Do NOT use the Poloniex ETH deposit address! You can find the new STORJ deposit address on your Poloniex account page by clicking on “Balances” and selecting “Deposits & Withdrawals” from the drop-down menu, searching for “STORJ” and then clicking on “Deposit” to the right to display the STORJ deposit address which you must enter under “Ethereum Address in the converter app. Note that you need to be careful to search for the “STORJ” and not the “SJCX” deposit address, both of these tokens will still be available on Poloniex so be careful not to enter the wrong address here on the converter app! With the above info, the converter app will generate a SJCX deposit address which will be needed for the next step.

3. Next, go back to search for “SJCX” on the same “Deposits & Withdrawals” page you were on before in your Poloniex account to find your SJCX withdrawal address. Click on “Withdraw” to the right to display the correct withdrawal address. Fill in the resulting SJCX withdraw form to send your entire SJCX token balance to the SJCX deposit address generated by the converter app in step 2 above. Note that Poloniex will deduct 3 SJCX from your SJCX balance as they will need to cover the BTC miners fee necessary to send the SJCX transaction.

4. Wait for your SJCX withdrawal to confirm on …

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