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SingularDTV to Host Multiple Panels as Blockchain Takes Over SXSW

Decentralization and token economics in business, tech, music and film will be hot topics in Austin this March at South by Southwest.

Austin’s South by Southwest has grown over the past three decades from a low-key gathering of plucky iconoclast creatives into a behemoth event that spans ten days and sets the stage for movers and shakers in the film, music, and tech worlds to come together and scope out the rising trends in the creative and entertainment industries. This year’s programming stretches from March 9–18th, with the tech-and-business focused SXSW Interactive kicking off proceedings from March 9–13.

Although the blockchain buzz began at SXSW last year, 2018’s programming is chock-full of discussions, presentations, and panels on the rising tide of decentralization. SingularDTV, with its focus on both technology, film, and music, is situated at the nexus of the conversation, and will host two panels and numerous gatherings and meet-ups throughout the course of the week…

Two highlights of SingularDTV at SXSW:

Blockchain and the Impact of a Decentralized World.

Blockchain is a buzzword across industries as diverse as finance, insurance, and green energy, but what is it really, and how will it impact our world? Join journalist Logan Hill in a conversation with filmmaker Alex Winter and producer Kim Jackson, the team behind the upcoming blockchain documentary from SingularDTV and Futurism Studios, as they explore what blockchain and decentralization actually is, who are the innovators building real world applications for this technology, and how it will affect our everyday lives in the years to come.

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Tokenized Economics in Entertainment: Case Studies

Moderated by SingularDTV Zach LeBeau, this panel looks at case studies of tokenized economics created via token creation and management app Tokit. DJ and producer Gramatik and Nate Bolotin of XYZ Films join to discuss the tangible and practical implications of the tokenization of intellectual property, using their own tokenization as an example to share learnings, practices, and observations from undertaking this groundbreaking experiment.

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Highlights from SingularDTV at the Zurich Film Festival

SingularDTV’s presence at SXSW follows up panels and events at the Zurich Film Festival and the International Emmys, where the audience skews towards established players in the legacy entertainment industry. SXSW, though, with its roots in indie culture, is presents a different cultural perspective.

“It’s a completely different audience,” says SingularDTV’s President of Entertainment Kim Jackson. “Indie filmmakers who are experiencing the pain of problems that exist around financing and distribution. It’s going to be very exciting to be engaged in conversation with the filmmakers for whom we’re specifically building these tools.”

The explosion of interest in blockchain and decentralization is evident at SXSW this year not just in the volume of events, but in the quality of discussion. “Last year, there were a lot of blockchain conversations going on, but none of them were practical,” says Jackson. “This year, it’s exciting to see that there are many real people actually working in the blockchain space presenting, and we think people are ready to take their understanding of blockchain technology and decentralization to another level. Our goal this year is to educate.”

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