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How PL^G is Enabling Fully Interoperable Blockchains

A collaboration between SingularDTV and Centrality is connecting the dots of the blockchain world, and may spell the end for single chain maximalism

SingularDTV’s fruitful relationship with New Zealand-based blockchain studio Centrality has already produced SingularX, the decentralized exchange of SingularDTV’s entertainment economy, and is working towards the release of PayCheck and Abacus, two token-centric accounting apps built specifically for creators. After Centrality’s overwhelmingly successful $100 million dollar token generation event for the CENNZ token, the two entities have partnered once again — alongside UK-based blockchain firm Qadre — on PL^G, a fully interoperable blockchain solution built to connect the dots of the global blockchain industry.

“PL^G is an overarching term for a set of blockchain technologies that makes blockchain networks work more like the internet,” says Aaron McDonald, CEO of Centrality. “By connecting smaller, diverse blockchain networks together, we are able to create a truly global, scalable, and evolving blockchain layer of the internet, just as the internet is a series of smaller physical networks which are connected into a larger logical network through common protocols.”

This remarkable functionality has the potential to open doors between chains when before there were only walls. “The most exciting aspect of PL^G is Its cross-chain capability,” says SingularDTV CEO Zach LeBeau. “PL^G is moving forward under the philosophy that all these blockchains can live and work together in harmony. It’s inclusive. That’s refreshing, because the overall mindset until now has been single chain maximalism. That’s all changing now.”

With a suite of dApps like SingleSource and Sylo already in production down in New Zealand, PL^G will be the glue between the Centrality ecosystem and other, previously disparate blockchain networks. “PL^G represents the foundation building block of the Centrality dApp ecosystem; the team have been working hard on getting it match fit for the community to take forward,” Aaron McDonald, CEO of Centrality recently explained to CoinTelegraph.

A key feature of the PL^G blockchain is its ease of access for developers. It is being built for interoperability with legacy systems and has utility for enterprises and individuals alike. Further, it will support multiple consensus mechanisms, including proof of work, proof of stake, and even other, more novel methods of achieving network consensys.

Partnerships between SingularDTV and Centrality have propelled both organizations to new levels, and the relationship looks set to continue. “Centrality is quite prolific as far as their determination towards research and development in multiple directions,” says Zach LeBeau. “They have a unique philosophy that comes from the exact opposite end of the spectrum from SingularDTV. SingularDTV was borne from a public blockchain perception, and everything we do is based around that. Centrality comes from a private consortium frame of mind, and it really does encapsulate the whole spectrum of the blockchain, working in public and private. They’ve been an invaluable partner.”

“SingularDTV had the opportunity to take a position and invest in PL^G, and we thought it was a great idea. We love the inclusive mission,” explains Zach LeBeau. “We hope to use PL^G’s research and development to add on to our understanding of tokenomics and economic models to bring about sustainability for our entertainment economy. It’s about organic growth. Our prime directive is to create. So, we’re creating with those that want to create with us.”

More details on the PL^G Token Generation will be announced soon. In the meantime, check out the PL^G website for more info.

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