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Sia is moving from Slack to Discord

We’re moving on Friday — keep reading for the details.

On Friday, we will be migrating from Slack to Discord. Our Slack community has grown to over 8,300 users, and we are very excited to grow to tens of thousands of users on Discord!

We love Slack, but it’s just not built for huge online communities. It’s lacking moderation features, spam filtering, complete message histories, unlimited file sharing, and much more. Which makes sense — after all, Slack was built for paid, corporate teams.

And there may be a Slack hidden user limit on the free plan that we could run into at 8,462 users. We just don’t want to take that risk.

Discord, on the other hand, was specifically built for huge online communities. Its intended audience is gamers, but many large communities have switched from Slack to Discord, including development communities like Reactiflux and Unreal Slackers. It includes an unlimited number of users, unlimited file uploads (with a per-file size limit), unlimited message histories, and really great moderation and spam filtering features. It also includes voice chat, and soon video chat, which will make for an even more engaging community experience.

Discord is currently lacking in channel management features, but we’ll be rolling out a bot to drastically improve the experience. Discord may also be blocked by corporate firewalls, because it was previously purely associated with gaming communities.

On Friday, we will announce the new Discord link via Slack and Twitter, and we welcome the entire Sia community to join! We will preserve Slack for now to ensure a smooth migration, but all Sia team members and mods will be moving to Discord on Friday.

We cannot wait to welcome everyone to our new community! Stay tuned.

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