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Introducing the new Sia Brand

2018 marks an important year for Sia. It’s the year when our software exits the experimental phase and enters early enterprise use. It’s the year when our audience evolves, from a core dedicated group of blockchain enthusiasts to a new group of early adopters in the enterprise.

It’s important that our brand evolves as well. The original Sia brand is based on black and sci-fi green. It feels cutting edge, ahead of the curve. It’s more tailored to blockchain believers than enterprise users.

Today we are very excited to announce the new Sia brand, which we feel better aligns with our philosophy and vision. The new Sia brand is pure, flat, and simple. It’s on white, rather than on black. Its green is friendlier, while still being refreshingly different.

The new website, which just launched today at, carries over those same ideas. It’s cleaner, more readable, and provides up to date project and network stats. It includes information about the team, an overhauled Get Started page, a new technology page, and much more.

We hope you like the new brand and website. The Sia brand will continue to grow and evolve over the coming years, but we strongly feel that this redesign will do an excellent job carrying us into the future!

– Team Sia

You can download our new logo and brand guidelines here. (And yes, they are being hosted on Sia using PixelDrain!)

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