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Announcing Sia Bounties

Sia Bounties are here! Today marks the start of an ongoing series of bounties, each between $1k and $10k, paid and denominated in Siacoin. We will be posting our first bounty in the next hour on Github under the “bounty” label.

As the core team, our primary focus is building the Sia core software, but we know there are countless opportunities to integrate Sia as a backend storage solution for existing apps. As we improve Sia and add new features, these integrations will become even more important. Sia Bounties will allow us to reward our contributors for building integrations between Sia and popular apps and platforms.

Where will the funding come from? After watching the burst of activity that followed the recent and successful Blockstack-Sia bounty, a group of Sia enthusiasts took note, quietly organized a “donor’s club,” and brought us a proposal for Sia Bounties (the group wishes to remain anonymous).

We would like to recognize them for their generosity, and look forward to growing and rewarding our amazing developer community from their ongoing donations. If any of you reading this would like to donate 100k SC or more per quarter, we will put you in touch with the the donor group.

As money’s involved, we thought it a good idea to lay out some basic information and ground rules for bounties:

  • Good places to discuss bounties are #bounties (for nontechnical discussion) and #app-dev (for technical discussion) in our Slack.
  • Every Bounty Project will be clearly specified, with specific requirements for bounty payout. Now, knowing the Sia community, we are aware that by simply meeting some minimum requirement, you won’t stop developing. But meeting ALL the minimums is when a bounty will get paid.
  • Certain bounties are expected to be quite large in scope (and payout) and thus likely require formation of a team. In these instances the team is responsible for providing an agreed statement as part of their bounty submission for how the bounty will be distributed along with the necessary Siacoin addresses to distribute the funds across.
  • A bounty will only be paid once to one submission and, unless specified otherwise, it will be paid to the first individual or team to meet ALL the criteria set out for the bounty. This may be changed in special cases for larger bounties.
  • All projects have a time period where they are useful to the development and growth of Sia and likewise all bounties will have an expiration date. Submissions will not be accepted after the expiration date, unless the bounty is renewed.
  • In the event of multiple submissions in the same time period, Sia and the Donors will evaluate each submission and serve as tiebreakers.
  • Sia and the Donors reserves the right to modify/clarify/expand any bounty requirements and payouts. We will keep this honest and transparent, and the reasons for any and all changes and ultimately bounty awards will be published.
  • When paying a bounty, the winning individual or team transfers all rights to the code to Sia, if not already open source (though we will of course make it open source).

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