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Fan Friday: Q&A with Hodor

XRP’s advantage over other digital assets derives from its underlying technology and utility. It’s incredibly scalable — powering over 1,500 transactions per second — and is faster than any other digital asset available today. It also has a compelling use case: the potential to solve the liquidity problem inherent to cross-border payments.

Yet, XRP has another powerful characteristic — it has one of the most vibrant — engaged and outspoken communities in the digital asset landscape.

XRP community members offer their respective viewpoints and analysis of events in the XRP ecosystem, while fostering a constant debate on various social media channels regarding the future of XRP.

One of the most popular and respected voices in the XRP community is an individual known as Hodor.

Hodor is an active member on XRP Chat, Twitter and Reddit’s r/Ripple. He also regularly shares his insights on XRP and other digital assets in a well-written and researched personal blog. We interviewed Hodor to learn more about why he’s such a believer in XRP.

Q: How did you first discover Ripple and XRP?

Hodor: My first interaction with Ripple and XRP was through learning about the digital asset on Bitcoin Forum. I wasn’t eligible as I was a new member of the forum at that point.

The first time I’d felt the “fear of missing out” (FOMO) was after reading about Bitcoin’s rise in value. That feeling that I’d missed out was enough to pique my interest.

I dove into the technical side of XRP learning about its consensus model. It was a totally new direction from proof-of-work or proof-of-stake. It seemed logical, but what really sold me was the leadership of the company that supported XRP and the fact that there was a even a company!

I liked what I was hearing from Chris Larsen and David Schwartz. Most of the crypto networks at that time were run by what I considered to be secretive cabals of developers. Instead, here was a reputable company based in Silicon Valley.

Q: What makes XRP stand out to you from other digital assets?

Hodor: If I had to choose one characteristic, it would be the confirmation speed.

When I first traded Bitcoin, I remember having to wait for six confirmations, which is essentially waiting for transaction blocks over the course of an hour or more.

The funny thing in retrospect was my reaction. This was 2013, I just assumed that within a year Bitcoin would be replaced by one of the better networks. That was back when I naively believed the [digital asset] market would value the most innovative technology the highest.

After the XRP promotion on Bitcoin Forum, I managed to purchase some XRP. I eagerly sent it to my wallet and then four seconds later my balance was updated. I shook my head and remarked inwardly “This is the one.”

Q: What about Ripple and XRP has made you such a passionate supporter?

Hodor: It’s not often that we find ourselves with such clear indications of what is right and what is wrong. When I first stumbled across Ripple and XRP on Bitcoin Forum, I read an unfortunate post where a crypto-anarchist lobbed false accusations at Ripple. David Schwartz jumped in to clarify the facts in the face of inflammatory posts.

Seeing his calm demeanor, and also just listening to him explain the technical implementation details in an effort to set the record straight convinced me that I was seeing the formation of a great company at its very beginning stages. Watching him (David Schwartz) on social media inspired me.

While I may have missed out on supporting many of the viral technology innovations in the past, I wasn’t going to miss out on this. I knew I had discovered something that, despite its early beginnings, was clearly destined for greatness.

I was always moderately active in the community at night when I had time. April of 2017 hit, along with the surge in interest about XRP. I was amazed at how ill-informed some new buyers were.

I jumped in to help fill the void and my posts became quite popular on XRPChat. I love to write and I love the community.

Q: You write quite a bit, providing your own analysis on XRP, what do you see for the digital asset’s future?

Hodor: I foresee XRP becoming the digital asset standard for payments and then dominating that space for a number of years.  It’s much better than other digital asset options and it scales to global levels much more easily than ethereum (ETH) or bitcoin (BTC). Additionally,  Ripple the company is a reputable, powerful organization committed to  championing XRP’s adoption.

In the short term, I see XRP being adopted by all sorts of entities that we didn’t expect. It looks like remittance companies are going to use xRapid ahead of banks, which I didn’t foresee.

In addition, I predict that internet companies and those companies that can benefit from micropayments will also start to use XRP at scale ahead of the banks. At some point after multiple verifications of the cost savings, I believe the big banks will start to adopt it at a measurable pace.

Q: Your writing and tweets really resonate with the XRP community, why do you think that is?

Hodor: Very simple; those of us that own XRP are on board with what we perceive to be an incredible digital asset. As buyers, we’ve already (hopefully) done our research on the digital asset, and we believe in the technology innovations that Ripple and XRP represent.

While some may have purchased XRP based on temporary price behavior, others made a very deliberate choice after conducting their own research. Even though my blog and tweets sometimes preach to the choir, I make a concerted effort to provide fresh perspectives that readers may not have considered.

The funny part? I get many of my ideas from other community members who are also readers.

Q: There is a large organic community around XRP and Ripple. Why do you think so many people are so excited about XRP and Ripple?

Hodor: It’s a mix of reasons. I think a lot of the new interest comes from those individuals looking to get in early on an innovation that they believe is going make a huge difference in the way that money flows throughout the world.

Participation by owning XRP is exciting. There are many that have purchased it based on its potential for mass adoption.

Note that some are also excited by XRP just on its merits as a digital asset. It’s hard not to like XRP after you’ve done a few transfers to and from an exchange in real-time.

XRP settles in four seconds or less. This is a digital asset that can support real business.

This post is the first of a series highlighting the XRP community. We’ll have more of these coming up, stay tuned.

The opinions expressed in this interview are Hodor’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of Ripple.

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