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Qtum Development Updates 7/17

Week of July 17th:

Changes made through this week to the core wallet:

Bugs fixed:

* [EVM/Consensus] Partially fixed a bug where the block gas limit was not completely enforced. A fix for the remaining issue is coming soon

* [EVM/Consensus] Fixed a bug where multiple gas refunds to the same address and of the same amount could be left out of a block and still be valid, allowing stakers to potentially still gas refunds

Work completed:

* [Build/Documentation] Added instructions for building Qtum on OSX

* [EVM/Consensus] Changed the EVM blockchain interface so that it behaves the exact same as in Ethereum, making Qtum smart contracts 100% compatible with Ethereum 

* [Consensus] Changed the “VM version” field within transactions to properly use our designed version format, and enforce that the unknown versions are not allowed on the blockchain

* [P2P] Added several rules for standard transactions, including sane ranges for allowed gas limits, gas price, and VM versions

* [Consensus] Added a consensus rule that extremely low gas-limit transactions are now allowed on the blockchain. This only affects executions that were not provided enough gas to actually execute anything anyway

In-progress work and soon to be fixed bugs:

* [MPoS/Consensus] Final testing and bug fixing in MPoS is nearly complete

* [DGP/Consensus] Final testing and bug fixing for DGP should be complete next week

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