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Qtum Development Updates 7/10

Changes made through this week to the core wallet

Work completed:

* [Build/Documentation] Instructions were added and a few things fixed for compiling Qtum for Windows

* [P2P] Fixed a bug within the P2P network where blocks bigger than 4Mb could not be properly propagated

* [Build/EVM] Fixed a bug where cryptopp within the EVM would not build properly on some versions of Linux

* [Research/x86] Did research on a new VM and determined it is most likely viable as a smart contract platform

In-progress work and soon to be fixed bugs:

* [PoS/Consensus] Testing and reviewing MPoS for preparation of merge into testnet-2

* [DGP/Consensus] Testing and reviewing DGP for preparation of merge into testnet-2

* [Staker/PoS] Adding new command line arguments and logic to the staker so that it can properly prioritize contract transactions

* [Consensus] Working on fixing two minor security issues in the sparknet/testnet-1

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