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Energo Labs' First Meetup

On July 12, 2017, Qtum’s Core Developer Xiaolong “Stephen” Xu was invited to participate in Energo’s first Shanghai meetup. Energo is ecosystem of applications built on top of Qtum that aims to create a Decentralized Autonomous Energy Community. The meeting was based on the theme of When Blockchain Meets Energy, with nearly 200 guests attending.

At the meetup, Xiaolong revealed the latest developments in Qtum and how they could be applied to the energy sector. Xiaolong gave guests a few examples of how Energo could quickly deploy smart contracts on the Qtum platform.

From left to right: Yin Cao, Xiaolong Xu, Lei Qu
In a panel discussion, Energo Labs founder and CEO Lei Qu was asked why he chose Qtum, he replied: “Because based on Qtum we can build an Energo energy alliance chain, which can better ensure the safety and stability of the entire decentralized autonomous energy (DAE) ecosystem. At its core, Qtum has a very high performance to handle the energy information flow and the flow of ideas at the same time to promote Energo’s commitment to develop a DAE ecosystem.

Energo Labs: Energo is an ecosystem made up of a series of decentralized applications, and it intends to create Decentralized Autonomous Energy (DAE) community for the future. Energo’s core infrastructure is decentralized system for clean resource computing, registration, trade and settlement based on Qtum and Mirco-grids.

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