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My name is Austin Heller, and I co-founded CryptoCrusader. CryptoCrusader is about far more than just investing into companies and making money. We are about investing in “you” and the future whatever that may hold. We view investing as a personal relationship between company to investor. Our track record isn’t all hits, however, the one constant within the investments is that if we “believe” in a company, we succeed. If we (or anyone) is trying to make a quick buck, it could happen, but often times profit is dwarfed compared to a longer term hold strategy.

“Vevue Homepage”

One of these companies that CryptoCrusader believes in, goes by the name of “Vevue”. Vevue aims to essentially bridge media content, to cryptocurrency in the form of Bitcoin. An individual or company who wishes to see content of any sort will post a bounty of Bitcoin at a specific location via a pin on a map. When the bounty is answered with video content, that individual then receives the bounty that was posted. If you are already familiar with PoW vs PoS an interesting twist is actually adopted within Vevue. The verification of transactions within the ledger is confirmed by people or companies uploading videos, meaning the only hardware necessary to confirm transactions is a mobile phone. Total token allocation will be 100 million, with around 5 million coins available for beta testing. One might ask, “Why is this relevant when youtube, vimeo, and plenty of other media services already exist” A quick answer is that Vevue will be running off the Qtum Blockchain. The Strength with using the Qtum Blockchain as the choice for the DAPP to be built on is the nature of the “Mobile Smart Contracts” capability. This allows for the actual content creators to be getting paid directly and not being scalped of their hard earned revenue. As far as scalability and creating a meaningful database, this is now possible.

The real market and the people most positively effected, are all the people who aren’t capable of collecting bounty in the first place. That demographic can forever be changed for the better with Vevue. Towards the beginning, video will be live, and bounties may be small and sparse, but once the community evolves anything is possible. With recent advancements in virtual reality along with peripherals for GoPro and many other video recording devices, the possibility of watching whatever you would want to watch is finally here.

I’m honestly a massive petrol head and love driving my Infiniti G35 (I do care about the environment too), however, some people won’t ever get to drive a vehicle or even have the strength to get out of bed. Many circumstances can hinder a person incapable of typical daily life, the majority of the population takes for granted. With Vevue all I would need to help someone experience some of the greatest driving roads and feel like they are immersed is a virtual reality headset mounted to my passenger seat. Anyone with a headset on the receiving end could then, “be in my car”, and experience roads or places they would want to see in real time. Studies have shown that change of environment (when in the same environment for long amounts of time) can actually aid in ones thinking process and also promotes mental vigor and elasticity. An individual strapped up to machines and unable to move from their hospital bed rarely gets to experience different scenery. People underestimate the power of the mind, and don’t realize that hope for some, can aid in recovery far more than any pharmaceutical could.

The team, led by Thomas Olson, has vision to match, and exceeds my own of what they can do for the world. This service, if you wan’t to call it that, creates the ultimate checks and balances for war, politics, shootings, and nearly everything with controversial matters. Xiangyu Meng is an ACM International Collegiate Programming Silver medalist and leads a team of developers incremental to Vevue’s goal of unprecedented global access, and Co-founded Vevue. Below I would like to address a few key points to why I believe this project will be the future of video.

  1. The Vevue app is already available for download.
  2. Transparency of the team (For individuals familiar with crypto this often times gets pushed lower on the totem pole of prioritization.)
  3. Built on the Qtum Blockchain “Mobile Smart Contracts” allowing direct peer to peer contact/communication
  4. Solves a REAL problem for many people. (Solving a problem that is meaningful to the masses is very important when developing a new business)
  5. Lack of redundancy when compared to possible competitors (unique)
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