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PIVX is…

Hey PIVIANS!  We’re looking for your help! We’re creating a community montage/video and we’d love to have clips from you all!

It’s pretty simple:

  1. Get your smartphone (or DSLR)
  2. Record yourself saying “PIVX is ______” (and fill in the blank with your own word about PIVX that for you describes WHAT and WHO PIVX is).
  3. Then…if you’d like, give us a 30-45 second explanation in more detail why you feel that.

That’s it!  Post the video to @snappysnap or @rhubarbarian in slack, and we’ll get this hopping!

ALSO – We’ll send you some PIV!

  1. First 5 Submissions – 10 PIV
  2. #6-#10 – 5 PIV
  3. #11-35 – 1 PIV


Let’s get these submissions in by July 16th!


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