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New team member: Nadia Burborough

There’s sun in Scotland! Having been living in New Zealand for the past 17 years, I forgot it could actually be sunny in Scotland and how beautiful it is. It’s good to be home!

Having spent the last few years in NZ, it was time to come back and reconnect with my Scottish roots and my journey has taken me to be the newest addition to the MaidSafe team, as the Technical Executive Assistant.

With the continued success of the company the technical teams have grown in both number and breadth of scope. As such, the Technical Executive Assistant role was created to enable the Chief Technical Officer and the technical teams, by supporting them with process and rollouts.

I bring over 10 years experience leading projects in both IT and business change, in a number of different sectors. I also have had a lot of experience in related roles such as Learning & Development Consultant, Change Manager and Business Improvement.

As my two young children get used to being in Scotland, what hasn’t changed is their online activity! It wasn’t something I needed to be aware of when I was their age, but today’s world is very different. Teaching my children about online safety is a regular conversation in our house, and I do my best to ensure they are protected…and I know many other parents do the same. What’s interesting however, is how many parents are not as careful about their own data and information. It seems many have resigned themselves to the fact our ‘private’ information is viewable by others or up for sale…and that we can’t seem to do much about it.

Many people don’t know how to protect themselves online, other than creating a password which isn’t the name of their first born. Being part of the MaidSafe team is really exciting – because of their vision, because of the people who work here and because of the thousands of people already engaged in the community forums all with the same focus – to bring about a network that has secure access for everyone.

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