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Litecoin Logo version 3

We are near completion of version 3 of the Litecoin Logo. The logo itself is finalized however we could use feedback on improving the font used in the title and merchant “Accepted Here” buttons.

There are three vector templates from which you can generate the Litecoin Logo v3 depending on the desired size. The full sized vector is intended for 100px and larger. The icon vector is intended for 32px through 100px. The favicon vector is intended for 16px through 50px.
The favicon went through several iterations before we settled on ico5 which is in use as the actual favicon of
The splash is ready for Litecoin v0.9.x.

Needs Work
The Title graphic needs work. Note the below variant text is the same as this title by dballing which manually edited the L. We are not entirely pleased with the font “Ubuntu” and we would like to see variations using this logo with different typography.
Similarly the font in the merchant buttons could be improved. The .ai file is provided so others can easily modify it in vector graphic software like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.

Please post ideas to improve the Title and Merchant graphics and typography in this thread.

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