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LEOcoin price 14.05. 2015

Dear friends, now is still best time to go to leoxcnhage and buy as much LEOcoins, go get register asap,get you tier 4 or better tier 5 so you can invest more money in LEOcoin, with tier 4 you can deposit for now only 2000GBP, so you can buy LEOcoins for 2000GBP, for Tier 5 you can deposit 10.000 GBP and you are then able to buy more LEOcoins. In next few weeks, more and more new miners will come to LEOcoin pool and start to mine LEOcoin,so price for coin production will soon go real hight,so then its will not be able to buy LEOcoin so cheap that they are right now. Also in few weeks that leomarket platform with over 30.000 merchants will be open and that time you will be able to buy products,services,etc and pay with LEOcoin and get good offers and big discounts from merchants. So that time more and more peoples all over the world will buy leocoin,so price will rise all the time.
Also you need to know that right now new big markets will start to open( Brazil,Japan,Russia,USA,etc) so there on that markets few milion peoples will start to research and buy LEOcoin, that is also another rision why coin will rise like crazy to be honest. Price for 1 LEOcoin can come in this year over 10 GBP or even more!!!!
So now is time to make your future a lot nicer! Think about it,think on your kids! Invest some money for your kids! You can see what happen with Bitcoin,same can easy happen with LEOcoin! do not miss is your time to make your family future great!


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